Mamallena Eco Lodge

Valle Chiquito (circa La Laguna), El Valle de Anton

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Mamallena Eco Lodge


Overview of Hostel

The lodge focuses on continuing the Mamallena tradition of great service and honesty alongside this we will be using organic, culture influenced agricultural techniques to run the Finca and help provide a self sustainable environment. There is a huge array of fruit tree orchards including lemons, l

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Our Shuttle Service

We run a shuttle service from the Lodge and Panama City. The shuttle needs to be pre-booked usually by at least a day or two and is not always available, so please inquire at your earliest convenience. Normal times are as follows but we are flexible.
Panama City Mamallena Hostel/Lunas Castle Hostel to Mamallena Eco Lodge
Mamallena Eco Lodge to Panama City
Shuttle Prices – One Way:
1-2pp – $30
3-6ppl – $15pp

Larger groups please email.

From Panama City by bus:

1. Take a bus from ALbrook bus terminal in Panama City to any of the following locations – Penonome – El valle de anton – San Carlos – Aguadulce – Tell them you want to get off at Coronado (Approx $3)

2. So this is the last stop where you can buy some supplies. There are numerous supermarkets and other stores close by including Rey, Super 99, Riba Smith and Machetazo.

3. Go the Las lajas Mini Market which is where the shared collectivo mini buses run from in our direction. The store is located on the corner of the road just before a gas station and cochez building store. Coming from Panama city you will normally have disembarked at the bus station opposite Mc donalds , stay on the same side of the road and turn back towards Panama City, you will see a large building store (cochez) and gas station after it on your left, walk past these and there will be a small car park with a few shops (restaurant, laundromat and on the corner las lajas mini market).

4. Most of the La Laguna collectivos will bring you directly to the lodge for $3pp. Most days they run from around 6am to 6pm, but best not leave it too late, if there are no collectivos a taxi is around $30 and from El Valle around $20-25. We can do collections if you are coming from EL Valle email for details

From David or any other Location west of Coronado on the Pan American Highway

Coming from this direction you can take any bus that is going to Panama City. I expect you will be dropped near Mcdonalds in Coronado, so you will need to cross the main road and walk past cochez store and the gas station to get to Las Lajas mini market. Please see above for instructions from here.


The collectivos generally stop running at around 6-7pm, we advise aiming to arrive in Coronado 4pm at the latest so that you are sure to get to the lodge before dark and any problems can be dealt with, like bus delays etc. Bus tranfer times vary dramatically, depending on the bus, people on board and number of stops. But in general from Panama City you would be looking at 1.5-2hrs to Coronado. From David approx 5hrs, from Las Lajas 4hrs, Pedasi/Playa Venoe 5-6hrs, Santiago 2-3hrs, Santa Catalina 5-6hrs. These are all approx and just give you an idea.

Taxi from Coronado to Eco Lodge is around $25-30. From El Valle it is $20-25. There is an alternative option from El Valle by bus and car, please email us for more info.

Directions by Car

From Panama City:

To get to us drive on the Panamerican highway towards Santiago and about an hour from the city you will reach Coronado. From Coronado (Las Lajas) you take the road to La Laguna which is next to Las Lajas mini market (on the right hand side just after you go under a footbridge that crosses the Panamerican highway right at the entrance to Coronado), this is next to the large gas station which is next to the cochez building store, if you see the gas station and cochez store you have missed the turning and will need to turn around. The mini market has a car park in front of it and some other small shops next door. This is all on the right if coming from Panama City. You take the road to La Laguna for 18km. You will get to a bus stop with flowers painted on it and a sign saying mamallena eco lodge 2.5km, we are on the left hand side, you will cross a bridge at the bottom of the hill first and we are approx 200 meters after the bridge on the left, there will be another sign. Any problems give me a call.

From Santiago:

To get to us drive towards Panama City, you go past the turn off for El Valle and then through a small town called San Carlos and Coronado is about 8km after this. As you drive through Coronado you will pass Mcdonalds on your right and then Rey supermarket on your right as well. You will be taing the next left which is just after a gas station on your left. After turning left which takes you onto the road for La Laguna. See above instructions.

The closest point of reference on google maps is the San Carlos Laguna about 15 minutes away, it will not help you get here but gives you an idea of where we are.".

Located near

We are only 20 minutes from the busy mountain town of El Valle and 35 mins from the commercial hub of Coronado. A new road goes through a section of the property which makes us both remote and easily accessible at the same time.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Mamallena Eco Lodge Policies and conditions. Check in from 12:00 Check out before 11:00 Cancellation policy: 72 hours before arrival. Taxes included. Breakfast included. (Tea/coffee, pancakes) Extra breakfast available for- 3.50 $ General: Reception: 07:00-22:00 No curfew. Child friendly. Any problems getting here give me a ring on one of the following numbers (507) 63798267, 67817545, 66730752